About Us

Surangiteacher.com is committed to providing students, parents, teachers and all with innovative ways to learn Sri Lankan curriculum primary education. Surangiteacher.com provides a unique experience integrating educationally sound concepts with advanced technology that easily directs the consumer to the approaches they need and the products they want.

These solutions include evaluation, modular on-demand courses targeting key concepts of primary education, online tutoring, and expert answers to questions of primary education.

In addition to solutions, surangiteacher.com provides primary education exploratory and recreational introductions which will contribute to deeper understanding and enjoyment.

The selection of programs, products and solutions that are offered makes surangiteacher.com the sole source for all Sri Lankan curriculum primary education.


Meeting Editorial Panel

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Main Editor

Mrs. H.Nadeesha Surangi Jayathilaka
DIp in SL/primary Edu & Dip in Eng:ACHE American College of Higher Education (HONOR LEVEL )

Principal of Surangi Teacher Academy of Srilanka
Former As a Teacher at NHSL (National Hospital of Sri Lanka) Colombo, Sri Lanka