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Life of The Buddha – Queen Mahamaya’s Dream

Life of The Buddha
Written by Surangi Teacher

Queen Mahamaya’s Dream 

Queen Mahamayas dream

Queen Mahamayas dream

Queen Mahamaya was the wife of King Suddhodana of Kapilavasthu. One Esala (month of July) Full Moon Poya day the queen had a dream. She felt that she was carried to the lake Anotatta in the Himalayas.

She was bathed in the lake. The Queen dreamt of a white elephant holding a white lotus in its trunk. The elephant went round her three times and finally entered her body. She woke up, and realized that it was a dream.

The birth of the Prince (Bodhisatva Prince)

The birth of the Prince

The birth of the Prince


It was a Vesak Poya day. The Queen Mahamaya left in a procession. She wanted to visit her parents in Devdahapura. On the way they were passing Lumbini Sal Park The trees were full of sweet scented sal flowers, birds and bees. The Queen wanted to rest a while in the park. She wanted to rest under a sal tree.

It was then that the Noble Baby Prince was born. The Baby Prince, soon after he was born, walked seven steps. Seven red lotuses bloomed up from the ground to receive the tender feet of the baby prince.

The prince stood on the seventh lotus and said. “Aggo hamasmi lokassa Jettho hamasmi lokassa Setthö hamasmi lokassa Ayamantima jati Natthidani punnabhavo.” “I am the greatest in the world. I am the most senior. I am the most supreme. This is my last birth. No more births I shall have.”


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