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Spoken English Common Scenarios That Are Frequently Used

Spoken English
Written by Surangi Teacher

Spoken English Lesson 1

The various dialogues and dialogues used in various situations are not effective. The most important is to remember the most frequently used common terms and to vary them
How to understand and use them frequently.

Common scenarios that are frequently used

At a Birthday Party
At a Wedding
Expressing regret at funeral
Two friends meeting
Meeting a person you don’t know
Introducing yourself
Atwork-related events
Introducing other people
Inviting someone to do something
Offering and Accepting
Saying with emphasis
Saying with some doubt
Questioning about future actions
Questioning with annoyance
Asking for Information
Asking for Opinions
Making polite requests
Advising a friend
Speak to someone on the telephone
Inviting and refusing
Saying how you get over
Expressing regrets over bad news
Expressing regrets
Asking what’s wrong in doing something
Asking about others opinions
Asking and talking about past action
Agreeing positively
Offering food
What time is it?
shopping for a shirt

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