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The Best Friend Children Story In English

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Written by Surangi Teacher

The Best Friend Children Story In English

There were some chickens
in a jungle. Among them there were two best friends
named Trust and Cunny. Both of them got together and
worked. They ate together,
worked together and lived together. Yet, Cunny was doing
some cunning things.

The cunning cock, Cunny did not do crafty things to his friend, Trust.
But one day Cunny did something cunning to his friend. Everyday two of them collected food.
After collecting, they shared the food and ate.
Even if one could not find food, they used to share the food one found, between the two and eat.

One day Cunny and Trust
went looking for food.
Cunny found some very tasty rice which he had never found before. “I will eat this
rice by myself. Every day, I’ve got to share the food, no. matter how tasty it would be,
with my friend. I would never get to eat it alone.”

Cunny ate that food alone and went to Trust and told him “You won’t believe it.
I couldn’t find any food today.
But you eat the things you have found, will you.
I don’t feel much hungry today,” said Cunny the cock.

Trust said, “It doesn’t matter, friend. I found some
tasty food. Let’s eat it.” ‘No, thanks,” Cunny refused
it and went. “Let him go. But I’ll keep
his share,” said Trust to himself and kept a half of
the food for Cunny.

Cunny the cunning cock came back and checked the food.
It was a very tasty food. Cunny had never eaten such a tasty food before.
“Dear friend, I’ve never eaten anything so delicious like this before,” said Cunny
“Please forgive me dear friend, I found some food.
I ate it slyly without giving you any.”

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