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The Naming Ceremony of the Prince

The Naming Ceremony of the Prince
Written by Surangi Teacher

The Naming Ceremony of the Prince

On the fifth day King Suddhodana invited one hundred and eight learned Brahmins to witness the naming ceremony and to suggest a good name for the prince.

Among them there were eight famous Brahmins namely Rāma, Dhaja, Lakkhana, Manti, Kondañña, Bhoja, Suyāma, and Sudatta.

After examining the bodily marks of the prince, seven of them said that the prince would become a ‘Great king’. If he chooses the spiritual life he will become “The Buddha.’ The youngest of the wise men Kondañña said, “The prince would definitely be The Buddha and none other.

” They then paid their respects to the prince. The prince was named “Siddhārta Gotama.” Siddhārta means “He who fulfils the wishes’

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